Monday, June 28, 2010


First up, do take a look at the several sale items I'm having on my CLEARANCE page, cos I bought too many new dresses this month :) some of the items are brand new, all below $20 :)

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After the Olympus event, Elise and me were so hungry because we didn't have lunch! William and Hongpeng joined us for lunch at Akashi Japanese restaurant at B2 :)

I don't understand what's so nice about these beans! Just the part about popping them out can make my hair stand already.

The udon was not very nice. Sigh so difficult to find nice udon nowadays!

My tamago and salmon sushi! The rice very small size then the topping very big. Lol.

Chawanmushi~ Probably the best part of my meal.

I should have ate the sets that the others ate! Cheaper and more filling!

Soft focus effect on the camera! Like ghost here but nevermind cos I die die want put a picture of me with my sushi. Haha.

After our late lunch I went over to find Isaac and we had teabreak at Pacific coffee company!

Isaac's chocolate drink was good! Forgot what it is called already. My Berry Frenzy was abit too sweet. Told ya all I don't like sweet drinks. I would go for ice water over anything else any day.

(Anyway I read somewhere that just by cutting off one can of soda from your diet each day, you lose 5KG per year! ((I haven't tried to prove the 'lose 5KGs part but my sister proved that she gained 5KG a year cos she kept stealing coke and soft drinks from our fridge. No wonder my mother never scold her, cos she know that she will get her own bao-ying one. Lol.)) And, a cup of bubbletea per day is more fattening than a can of soda each day. I experimented it myself months back and it's true!!!!)

Anyway I really think that karma exists. Last time when I was younger and super overweight, my sis was as thin as a stick. When I look back on our old videos I cannot believe that skinny girl is her. That time she keep laughing at me say I fat. So now "feng shui lun liu zhuan", become opposite liao. And I have to admit that I keep laughing at her now *evil*, and I have a feeling that afew years later I'll be fat and she'll be skinny again. And the cycle goes on.

I'm not really that bad lah, I tease her for fun only cos I know she always very pissed off when I laugh her. But in my heart I still think that she's very pretty *secretly envious* even when she's chubby and once she pass her teen-puberty stage she will become thin again and become a super da-meinu with nice long legs (she super tall!). And when that time comes, she'll be the one torturing me by repeating "wo hen mei" to my face, just like how I'm torturing her now T_T

Hais, 我还是好好趁机先享受现在,不然改次就没机会了!

Sian lor. My sister no need put makeup also so pretty, I put so much makeup (like a super thick mask. when I take out the 'mask' become another person lol) still can only reach this standard. Boohoohoo. Nevermind, 做人要知足!至少现在比N年前好看多了!

I really think that by repeating an action can change ones' looks leh. For example last time when I was in secondary school, I keep kiapping my nose from time to time. Now my nose although still very flat, is alot different from when I primary school (that time my nose is like a ball).

And in primary school my mouth is super thick, somemore the upper lips is folded obviously upwards abit like ShuQi. I hated my lips but then I grow to purse my lips and I really think some of my "outer lips" are now hidden behind liao lor! Got abit improvement! My family all say that they got notice I got an habit of hiding my lips into my mouth. Haha. Abit like this picture below. (I realised that in my Liese video, got many scenes I also unconsciously did it too!)

Look at Isaac's self-studded shoes!

The potato chips were yummy. I seldom eat titbits but I couldn't stop munching on them that day.

That's all!
Love the effects on the photos? They're not photoshopped in! Was shot with art filter on my new beloved Olympus PEN ep1.

Anyway, for those asking for the prices, I got it already.
It's ranged between 1k (promotional prices) - to about $1500.

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