Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yesterday, i SUDDENLY fell sick -.-
I was normal in the morning and towards the end of school, i suddenly felt tremendously sick! Felt like vomiting but nothing is coming out. It was a terrible feeling :(

Towards the night, it became worse. Kept vomiting, and at one time, even vomited red stuff out twice. Hate vomiting! Especially when the yucky stuff comes out of your nose. Ugh, i had to cancel off a photoshoot (which i was paid quite well, but now gotta forsake it due to being sick). And the theme of the shoot was kinda interesting! Aww, postponed the shoot to next month, boo.

Went to the doctor reluctantly this morning, since i skipped school for today. I'll never be able to survive today in school cos my school's aircon is freaking cold.

The doctor was super bochup lor. I told him i was vomiting and the other terrible symptoms, and he replied me with a "then how do you want me to help you?" (with a laugh -.-) .... Duh, im here to listen to your advice -.- How would i know what can you do to help me??

He gave me medicine without telling me the reason for my sudden sickness, until i asked before leaving. It's probably due to some wrong food i ate.

I forgot to tell him that i need syrup medicine instead of tablets because i have a phobia of big tablets. Some time back, everytime i swallow tablets, i would choke and tablets pierced into my throats. Eversince, i've been afraid of tablets. Luckily, this time although my medicine are tablets, 2 out of 3 of them are mini tiny, while the other one is acceptably small. Phew.

Watched Wu Xia Liang Zhu last night! Very nice :D
I like ahsa~~ She's so naturally cute. I believe if im a guy i would fall in love with a girl like her.

I like wuzun's cute looks too~!

On the cab ride home, i was telling mum that the show bluff people one. The childhood friend of ahsa was only deeply in love with her because he couldn't get her, and wuzun was deeply in love with her only because it was still the start of their relationship, so of course the feeling is still hot.
I dont think guys would still feel so much for a woman if they had been together for very long. Maybe there is some out there, but not many i guess..

Just like my boyfriend. I always feel that he puts his attention on me only when i start straying -.-

For boyfriend's birthday afew days ago, i had wanted to bring him for dinner at jumbo seafood restaurant over at clarkequay. However, we dragged time and in the end felt lazy to travel all the way to clarkequay from my home, so we settled on some steamboat nearby, at downtown east.

Very cheap leh! $15 per pax. Omg, i wonder how these buffet people earn. Im sure everyone would eat more than $15.

I think it was cockles or something. The one that people put in Fried Kway Teow. I hate it. Has a weird taste. I dont know why people like eating it.
I guess im the only person on earth who loves tofu until i ate tofu more than anything else during the whole steamboat session.

one side tomyumsoup and one side chickensoup. the tomyum wasn't nice. chicken better!

Didn't have a birthday cake for him that day but i surprised him after work afew days later with a birthday cake :)

Anyway, we should all have this song's spirit!

买买买 - BY2


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