Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today is bf's bday :) This pic taken some time ago.

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I think i gotta cut my fringe again soon. It's getting longer and not nice. However, the other parts of my hair shall remain long and lovely! Heh, I think i'll be keeping long hair for the rest of my life.

But it's a high price to pay for loving such long hair, because i had to forgo all the hairshow chances simply because i am not willing to cut my hair shorter =(


I havent been able to blog about all the teeny weeny things but i shall do so today!

Forgot to upload these pictures i took in the limousine on the way home that night. (Yes, i know my face is white compared to the neck!)



Spanking new Samsung Innov8 :)

Had a longgggggg dinner with Winnie and Amanda last thursday! Being too talkative, we chatted till we didn't realise it's closing time. Haha. Winnie was wearing this new style of pants that are quite in trend now, but i think only looks good on skinny people. If i wear, sure look ugly. Hope this trend fly pass fast!

Alot of winnie pics and none of mine cos i was wearing super casual and not nice!

With bf in a cab to ikea to meet yanling and get some stuffs. Most importantly, ikea's lovely chicken wings!

Recently lovely belty buys! First one is from Cine at $15.90, sparkling white jewels on the butterfly. Leaf belt from, $10 belt from far east plaza (somehow dont look nice in the picture), and a classic big brown buckle belt from cine~! All very different types for my different types of dresses~

Randomly bought this candy! Interesting :D
Got mirror inside! Can be bought at tampines mall's "mei wu" for $3.90.

Brought boyfriend to this dessert shop at far east! Going to introduce it to everyone! We tried grape flavour with additional cornflakes. I think i prefer mango.

I love pineapple rice! Especially the one from Nana thai restaurant at far east plaza.

Just read this blog, and kinda agree with her on some of the things mentioned:

Im attracted to the perks and money i earn from blogging, but i would not create posts (e.g. flaming someone else just for the sake of a blogwar) intentionally just for getting more hits. That is just too desperate - and the intention is very obvious.

I think my blogging style has somehow changed from how i used to blog in the past ( i admit that my blog has unknowingly became like every other blog, just showcasing of one's positive side of life - the events, shopping, good food, etc). However, im certain that although i've took up a new style of writing, some of my blog entries still retains the original flavour i had when i started out. And im glad of that.

Some sentences quoted from her, and i fully understand what she meant. It's not easy to make blogger friends nowsaday.

"Everyone seems to be superficial, wary of you and jealous of you in some way or another." - Hell true.

"Sometimes, people just want to be seen with you because you’re popular and that itself would levitate their popularity status in some ways." - Me and winnie were talking about this the other night, and she agrees with it too. These sort of people just clings to you physically and calls you a friend infront of everyone else, but is never emotionally there as a friend. When someone of higher status comes along, those people would then throw you aside and go on to get themselves related to that higher status star. Pathetic creatures.

"I felt that I shouldn’t reveal my vulnerabilities because who knows someone may use it against me." - I dont like writing about negative weakness i have, because i dont want the readers to know. That's why i find it very saddening when i have lots of emotions to share, but yet not able to publish on my blog due to the foreseen consequences.

"This subconscious pressure leads to extreme self-censorship." - Yes, you guys dont know how many blog entries i wrote and saved in draft instead of publishing because i know what kind of opionions i would get from the readers.

I've nothing against putting up ads in blogs because that's what im doing and it's also a main source of my income other than the modelling industry, but i've to say that, the blogosphere is really becoming.... Shallow, and Desperate.

My new goal is to earn 1k per WEEK by the end of this year!
That way, i wouldn't feel so heart pain when i splurge hundreds on things i love ^^

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