Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey people! Thanks for all the lovely support :)
You all know i wont win cos xiaxue is in the competition, but you all are still so sweet enough to spend a minute and vote for me even if we dont know each other in real life :) Thanks!

Really happy cos sister is really supportive! It's like so rare that she'll defend me, praise me, and care so much~! She even voted for me the moment she saw my entry up (i was in school and she was at home so she saw my entry before i told her to look at it ) *GanDongs!* Usually she's very mean to me. Hahahaha.

And some other friends were also very nice! Like ruoxuan, she did put in quite an effort~ I was really happpppppy!

I dont have to win anyone in this competition. Just knowing that there are people who care for me without asking anything in return, is enough to make me smile wide~

What did i think about each of the other girls' entry?

Well, my top two favourites are Jessica's and OhSoFickle's!

Jessica- I really like the concept. The storyboard was really creative and she did show quite a number of the features. I like the way the supercute softtoys really look alive! The oopsie yellow bear was totally cute~ Look at those 0.0 eyes. Haha. I like the part about the sprinting tortoise too. Unresistable cuteness! It would have been perfect if jessica knows how to beautify it with layouts or patterns.

OhSoFickles's - Very scrapbookish, colourful and fun! Features were also mentioned, and somehow seems like nothing is lacking!

Xiaxue's - I like the pinkish pictures~~ But i guess i had too high expectations of her before she posted up. I thought because she is xiaxue, she would do up something very creative or damn funny~ But still, i tink her pictures somehow showed the canon E1 in a better way, cos the pictures are all very clear, crisp and sharp!

Peggy's - Alot of effort! Winnie thinks Peggy's one is the best!

Winnie's - Many people say it's more like her normal blogpost more than an online scrapbook. Well, it's just what she is! I dont think you will see her drawing up flowers, making sweet frames for her pics any time soon. Haha.

And mine?
Okay luh, i have to answer alot of questions coming from my comment box.

First, why did i not show alot of pictures using the canon E1.
My initial idea was to show a scrapbook of "a day with canon powershot E1", noting down all the little things from morning till dark. However, i didn't have the time to shoot so much because im really busy! I even had to edited the pics all in afew hours sia -.- In school, the morning when i had to post up the entry!

When we were told to show all the features of the camera, i didn't really know how i could show that by taking pics and letting you guys see the results. Because in one picture, there might be 2-3 features together. So i thought of doing it in a more of "telling you what functions the camera has", instead of "showing you how a picture looks like after using a particular function". I managed to mention every single function that was stated in the brochure, and even added one or two leh~! *jumps happily~~*

Whether you like it or not, boyfriend and my sister likes my entry so im happpppppy!

But i think the colours i used abit not matchy hor??! I think pink is a cute colour and i wanted to use it but im showing a blue camera! So in the end i mixed the two, which ended up very weird! Lol.

As for the first picture which has obvious uneven makeup - I know about the uneven makeup even before i posted it up. I think the picture nice cannot meh? =[ Well, the picture was taken late at night after coming home from a tired day and found out that i have to submit a picture taken with the camera the next day, so i just piled up more foundation and snapped. I think i forgot to apply to my forehead. LOL. Sounds so stupid. Aiya, i was tired what. Hahaha.

Oh ya, and i know that my expressions are very fake in the entry lah... I dont know how to act cute mah~~ (Y_Y)

- Although some of the pics are edited, i DID show pics that aren't edited. Those whitish tones were on purpose to fit to the layout. Also, the other bloggers already show up so many pictures that were taken from the camera, just treat mine as more of an informative scrapbook (stating all the functions) lor~ If i just showed pics taken from the camera, im sure that it'll be more boring than the current one - because i dont have a creative story like Jessica's and i can't sound as fun as ohsofickle!

Im aiming to be more openhearted now.

After having a long chat with jessica yesterday and pouring out all my negative soul to her, i felt much more relaxed and felt that i want to be a more openhearted person. I want to be able to look at a person's positive side more than their bad. This way, i'll treat everyone nicely and fairly, and no hatred will come out of me. And then, i'll be a happier girl! I've been such a worrywart about every single minor thing in my life and it's making me miserable. boo.

Dont you realise, even though bad people always gets what they want and nice people gets bullied, it seems that nice people are happier and bad people are always living in thoughts of hatred/unfairness/jealousy/unkindness?

It's because nice people have a open heart, and willing to forgive anyone that have done wrong to them. Even if they get bullied, they take it with stride and doesn't mull over it. This way, they become happy people most of the time.

Bad people, on the other hand, lived all their time thinking about bad thoughts. Even if they acheive what they want, they would pick on something to be angry about. How could they ever be happy?

I hope to be a better person as of todays onwards.

However, i wont be totally nice lah. I will stop thinking about bad thoughts, but if someone gets too over the line, I'll learn how to roar from winnie.

( i wonder how long my positiveness would stay until the negative pessimistic cloud covers me again -.- )

Anyway, vote for me if you love!

I wont be the first, but i dont want be last (very sad one leh), so continue asking your msn list to vote k. lol.

Byebye! Im having a packed week! Will find time to sort out bday photos soon (oops, did i just mentioned that i havent even started??? =x )

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