Sunday, October 5, 2008

birthday party is over.

thanks for the people who came.
and thanks for the wonderful gifts.
this year received alot of gifts that come in monetary forms. haha.

Also big thanks to the one who bought me BioEssence's eyebag thingy. Really touched that people actually bothered to think about what i need :)

Well, the day yesterday started off, BAD.

Woke up with a bad headache, heaty, sorethroat and flu.
Actually those symtoms happened the night before and great dad prepared panadols for me. It was really helpful, and help to stop my runny nose for afew hours.

Fiona came over to help at my home. Thank goodness she was there. Even though i had an on-call cab right at the front of my lift, I have no idea how to carry those heavy things from my home to the lift (which is like just infront of my front door), and from the lift to the cab.

On the cab, called boyfriend to see if everything was alright. He told me that our reservations for the biggest suite was cockedup, and that the hotel would only give us the smaller suite. Like, how are you going to put 60 people into that stupid small suite?

When we reached there, the general manager told us that the online booking doesn't mean we will get the biggest suite, instead we are booking for "any suite". HELLLLLO? Same price for all the different sizes suite meh?? Somemore is really big difference in size leh. And nobody told us that the biggest suite was unavailable, before the day itself. Nobody told us that if we paid $200 more, we would secure the biggest suite.

They gave us another way to solve our party problem, and asked us to book the function room. And the cost is, $60 per head, including food.

1) We already had our outsourced food caterer.
2) $60 per head is ridiculous, 60 people would be $3600 leh. And the function is very very small. I think 60 people would have to stand up and stick bodies with each other lor. Even fiona thinks that way too.

It was really frustrating. We had paid that amount of money to book that biggest suite, and to pay that amount of money to get that smaller suite is ridiculous because i can book a similar suite at much lower price in another hotel.

It was a bad start to the birthday party.

Well, settling things with the hotel took up alot of time, and in the end fiona accompanied me to check out the other hotels nearby. Settled for Furama Riverfront Hotel's biggest suite, which is alot more expensive than Holiday Inn's but is smaller in size.

We only got back 50% refund from HolidayInn.

I wouldn't say who was wrong, who was correct in this, but it was a really bad start to the birthday party.

After everything was settled, my mood became better.

However, into the night, i got kinda disappointed because alot of the people who confirmed with me that they would come, fell sick/had work/friends dont want come so they also never come or just didn't come.

Winnie, peggy, agri, celestina, xiaoting, benjamin, baobao, queeny, limin, felicia, etc etc! :(

To be honest, i felt happier during my last year's birthday party. It was greater fun and everyone was together. Oh well, maybe it's because last year i wasn't so much of a perfectionist.

But still, gotta thanks some people for making me feel better last night.

The people who asked if something was wrong when it was all shown in my face, Nadnut for taking great pictures of me, Boyfriend for hugging me and understanding my emotions when i got out of controlled, Fiona for taking care of me and bringing me home when i got too tipsy to even walk properly.

Will have to wait for the event photographers to send me the pics before i can blog about it. =D

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