Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Hi people,

Canon has launched the new uber cute Powershot E1 and I've been selected to join the contest together with 5 other female bloggers.

I LOVE THE DESIGN! Regina was telling me about it the other day when we were shopping. Looks like toy camera. Haha. I like the pink or white one~

You can visit the microsite at: to know more information about the camera.

Back to the contest, 6 of us would be competing against each other based on "Cuteness"! I know some of the girls who were also selected and it seems that i'll be the least cute one -.- THAT'S WHY I NEED YOU LOVELY READERS~!!

Remember to come back here on 24th Oct so that you can see my "scrapbook" entry of all the pictures i took using the little cute camera and VOTE FOR ME alright?~ =D

Voters will also stand a chance to win awesome Canon products!


Also, VIVICHERRY has just updated with their 7th Collection~! Theme is Floral Days.

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