Monday, October 6, 2008


Im finally 18.
I remember when i was younger, much much younger, i wished that i could be stucked at the age of 17 - simply because 17 sounds like a nice number.

Haha, now i want to be stuck at 19. Old enough, yet younger than an adult.

Okay, why did i say ITCHY birthday?
Because i ate panadols!

Im allergic to panadols and they make me itch.
But, ironically, they are also the most effective medicine that stops my nose from running and head from fainting.

Last night i asked dad whether i should sleep with an itchy body or sleep with a runny nose. hahaha.

I think it's the first time i've ever been so sick for my birthday! just updated with a new collection and backorder for the popular sugarvirtue! Go shop shop shop!

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