Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's irritating when people come to you only when they need something. This kept happening to me recently.

On msn:

LongLostFriend: Hey, you there?
Me: Yea?
LongLostFriend: Can help me do survey? *link of survey*
Me: Okay *reluctantly/totally regret replying to her seemingly-harmless "Hi"*
__ after doing the survey__
Me: Done.

Scenario One:
They would reply: "OKAY"

Scenario Two:
*no replies*

Wah, even one "ThankYou" also dont have.
I dont mind friends who talk to me 1-2 times a week asking me to do favours for them, But it's very irritating when "friends" who didn't bother to talk to you for probably 5 decades come up to you, say "HI" and then ask you to do surveys. I can't even reject them because i already replied to their "hi", which means i can't pretend im away from the com!

If you are spamming everyone on your msn to do the survey, i rather you just write "please help me do this survey *link* ", instead of saying "hi", and then bomb me with "help me do survey can?" ... Of course can lah, can say no meh -.-

Am going to watch "Wu Xia Liang Zhu" with mummy tonight! Wuzun and Ah sa! Love them both! Cuteeeeeee~ ^^

Photoshoot + Sponsored Advertorial:
(pardon me, those who dont like advertorials, just treat it as an entry about my photoshoot pics k? =P )



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Birthday pictures would probably be up next week. Sorry! I know i've been dragging it, but it's a whole lot of pics i need to sort out those unnecessary ones.

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