Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Im still feeling like #$%^&*(*&^%$#$%^*&^%$#!!
I wanna travel overseas. Alone. With lots of money to spend. RETAIL THERAPY!

Sponsored Advertorial for MILLY's:

Over to Milly to get my manicute done for my birthday party :) Lots of beautiful designs available!

Buffering the nails.

I didn't have time to go gel extensions that day, so i asked for a simple blue manicure :D

First coating. Blend from light blue to dark blue. 3 tones!

Pasting flowery stickers!

Love the comfy big sofa!

Love the results!

Me and Milly.

If you are thinking of getting your nails done, do drop by Milly's at Far east plaza! Go up the escalator and you'll be able to see their big red signboard to the left :D

Regina was sweet enough to accompany me throughout the session.

Isaac dropped by to visit~!

Shopped around abit and regina recommended this new shop!

It's flavored ice sliced into layers and garnished with various toppings. . See Slice.Sg for more info! I love the names of the different flavours. It's like stages of a relationship.
The man tending the store was damn nice! Very friendly, and interacted with the customers. He made this little strawberry one for us to try :D I'll definitely go back there again and recommend to many people. Love the cornflakes topping! A must-have!

After the lovely ice, we went back to shopping! I spent quite alot and didnt realise it until i got home. So many nice things that i saw!

Also, this shop is super interesting!

Regina bought two items from there, and see, even their "plastic bags" are cute!

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