Friday, October 3, 2008

I was reading Ringo's blog ( i love her blog! Interesting and funny. Haha. ) when i saw a post about Morph Thing.

I seldom play with such things cos very mafan to upload pics, but i had nothing better to do that day and ended up trying to morph my face into a lot of celebrities!

I guess this will be how i look if i ever do plastic surgery with their faces as a template. As i dont think the plastic surgeon would change me completely looking 100% like that celebrity, i guess part of my face will still be recognisable after the surgery, so this morph thingy will be able to tell how i'll look!

Guess what i did with the programme? I morphed my face with boyfriend's to see how our baby would look like.

Erm... Not Very Pleasant. Haha.

With Isaac! Chio lor!

With Benjamin (typicalben), 1st version:

With Benjamin, 2nd version:

Damn funny.
Then, i tried some famous faces:

Vanessa Hudgens. Not bad hor.
2.) Zhang Zi Yi. Pretty! Nice skin. And i love the eyes!
Ayumi Hamasaki. Look at my shiny eyes! hahaha.
Paris Hilton. I think my face made her look chubbier. Heh. And i made her look UN-heiress.

Nicole Richie. Er, i dont know why people say she's damn pretty. I think paris hilton looks far better than her.

Sex and the City! Sarah Jessica Parker.

Typra bankssssss! Just look at her eyes you'll recognise it's her. Love her eyes.

Kristen Dunst. I can be spidermen's gf already if i morph into her :D

Lily Cole. Beautiful.

Lindsay Lohan.

Marilyn Monroe. Hilarious!

Devon Aoki. I like!

Emma Watson. I dont know who she is, but she gives me a pleasant face!

Hilary Duff.

Jennifer Lopez. Sibei Swee.

Jessica Alba. Very Nice.

Ashley Olsen. I wont do a plastic surgery with her face as template.

Ashley Tisdale. I love her role in HSM. I think the show is childish and boring. But she makes it better :)

Avril lavigne!!!!!!

Britney Spears. Look totally like her lor! Where got my face!

Angelina Jolie.

Ashlee Simpson.

Random Beauties.

Carla-Gugino. Very motherly.

Julianne-Moore. If old already can morph into her face. Alexis-Bledel

Roselyn-Sancehz. Very prettyyyyyy.


Martine-McCutcheon. Very pretty also.

Which one nicest??

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