Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The canon competion has brought more hits to my blog, at the same time resulting in alot of negative comments attacking me everyday.

I just want to say,

Im still human.
Im still one of you.
I still have feelings. How would you feel if you were me instead?

I can't be as perfect as you want me to be. I can't satisfy everyone.
I can ignore negative comments easily by now, but when so many of them come attacking me altogether, it's inevitable that i'll feel a littttttle bit hurt.

I ask myself.
Am i that lousy?

Then i realise, No im not that lousy.
Because im here writing to thousands of readers. Because of my generous sponsors, im able to get good handphones for each of my family members. Because im able to earn enough to stop taking money from my parents. Because my parents are proud of me when someone they know recognises me. Because im living a life that is slightly different from many other 18 year olds.
Im not the best around. But im not the worst either.

My mum didn't gave birth to a natural beauty.
But im sure i did the best i could, and you have no rights to bring down a person like that.

After awhile, what you think about me dont matter anymore. Because on the bright side, the amount of love i've received, is probably more than you could ever have in your life.

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