Monday, October 13, 2008

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After saying bye to regina that other day, went over to samsung's event. I was holding lots of shopping bag at that time, and had almost wanted to go home instead of going to the event. But i felt bad to not go last minute when i had already accepted their invitation, so although i was late, i still made it for the event! Im sure glad that i went! You'll know why further down this post.

Had food, and after that was the introduction of the new Samsung Innov8. After that, was the fun part! The guests had to go around vivocity and take pictures using their own cameras. The 3 winners will win the Samsung Innov8! It will be based on perspective and creativity.

Title was: What inspires you about the Samsung Innov8.

I had no idea what to shoot! In the end, i went around and snapped some random shots.







Printing out~~

We were told to submit 3 pics, so my final submission and presentation was:

"The samsung innov8 takes nice pictures of me..."

"and have nice pictures makes me feel happy, sunshiney, and colourful"

"that's why..... i love samsung"

Heh, this was another shot which i liked, but didn't submit cos they only want 3 pics per guest.

Presentation on the board. The other entries were quite creative too!
Meanwhile, keeping myself busy playing with Nadnut's Pinky. So cute!
Well, who won??

Rinaz! Her entry were good and related to the features of samsung innov8.
Nadnut! Her entry was cute and also related to the features of samsung innov8.

And ME!
So surprised, because i think i gave a quite crappy and nonsensical presentation that has nothing to do with the features except the camera function. Heh. Love it lah! Will post up an entry about how it after i start using it. Mum says original price without line contract is $1000++!!! Omg, so nice to be a blogger =x

After the event, off for some drinks in a bar at vivocity.

Nadnut and me ordered this. 14% alcohol level! Without mixture, just Pure~

I had the raspberry one, she had the pear one. She ended up passing the drink over to everyone else. Haha.

Love the wedges.

Dont like this kind of cheese =(

Loveeeeee the sausages!
Was tired after that and couldn't call a cab cos the lines were busy. Saw afew limousines parked there waiting for customers. The taxistand queue was too long and im very impatient when i have to wait. In the end, i just booked the limousine. Cab fare was $40, twice of what it would cost if i took a normal taxi, but the limousine was very comfy and spacious, you can fit 7 people in!
Gotta rush for a casting now. Bb loves!

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