Thursday, October 30, 2008

I overtired myself in the midst of achieving that high expectations i have of myself. I need to let go. I need to stop being so independent over everything.

I have too much in my brain and it is now all messed up.
I gave myself too much workload to handle.

Maybe i need a little holiday :)
With a total stranger.

当伤太重 心太酸 无力承担

当爱太累 梦太乱 没有答案

Here's 3 pics of winnie that i took when organising a group shoot for her and huiyi. I like the shots i took! Heh.



My favourite!

Which is your favourite shot?

Anyway, models out there,
please email to with your portfolio and rates if you are interested in more shoots assignments.

For non-models, may also email with your close up picture + full length picture. Must be able to do own makeup. Selected girls will have a free testshoot, and might be casted for future assignments.

Will not be replying to everyone. And dont worry if you are not selected this time, your profile will still be kept in my inbox for future references!

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