Monday, October 27, 2008

Today is me and boyfriend's 1st year anniversary!

If you want to have a fine-dining dinner without having to pay 3-digit bills per pax, you can head over to Dozo. It's a restaurant with fine-dining ambience, superior service, and quality food - minus the expensive price.

We went over there today! However, all the pictures from my camera were gone! I dont know why. Boohoo =( I think i need a new camera. Found out about the missing pictures only at the end of the dinner, so I only have afew pictures :(

The ambience is really beautiful. We made a reservation beforehand, so when we reached, we were welcomed by a smiley host and she brought us over to a window side seat. A waiter was allocated to our table, and he pulled out the chair for us gentlemanly. Golden napkins were placed on our laps by the waiter. Me and boyfriend was already very satisfied with the service by this time.

Our waiter presented us a complimentry appetizer - A very refreshing mango ice. He then recommended us some dishes from the menu :)

Our course:

- Chef's seasonal assorted platter: Scallop (yum!), Foie Gras, Fresh Salmon (best i ever ate).

- Side Dish: Grantinated escargots topped with garlic (boyfriend ate this. it's snail! omg. ), Tempura battered soft shell crab on galette of mash (me at this! soft shell crab was nice!)

- Soup: Infusion of cepes mushroom and truffle & Seafood bisque. I prefer the mushroom one :D

- Main: Herbs-braised lamb shank (boyfriend's), Baked Atlantic cod fillet with miso cream cappucino (had a great time savouring this~ you should also order this one!)

- Dessert: Crispyfried purple yamcake with icecream ( boyfriend's. He finished it up without offering me a bite! Grr.) , Freshly baked warm chocolate cake served with icecrema (a must-order dessert! I want 2 servings. yum.)

- Drinks: I had iced fruity refresher and boyfriend had iced grapefruit glory. It was served in a clear tea pot and a small cup for us to pour ourself. We can eat the fruits inside too!

The whole meal was very similar to fine-dining, but the price is very low compared to the other higher-end wellknown restaurants. Lunch is $38.80++ per pax (after adding, adds up to about $46), and dinner is $58.80++ per pax.

Will definitely recommend it to people who are celebrating birthdays/anniversaries.

As it was our 1st year anniversary, the restaurant presented us with this plate of cheesecake (it was very cheesy and rich!) and words written with chocolate. Sweet :)

Visit their website at
Go check it out!

After that, we cabbed back to downtown east!
Changed into casual clothing and went Escape Themepark!

Won this drunken crazy bunny in one of the games. lol.

Anyway, VIVICHERRY is having sales now! Go grab the stuffs!

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