Monday, September 8, 2008

Thanks for all the comments you guys gave on the previous post! It was really insightful to hear other people's thoughts :)

Photoshoot at sentosa several weeks ago.

Wet sand.

I was repeatively drawing hearts on the sand and watching them being washed away by the tide.

Was talking on the phone when one of the photographers took a candid!

Was super tired after it and went to source for food at Vivo.
Totally wrong choice of entering this restaurant. KimGary.

The staff seated us somewhere in the middle of the noisy restaurant and then i knew i was wrong in stepping in. Asked for a change of seats cos i really hate being in the middle of noisy especially when im tired, and there are corner seats/ side wall seats around. The waitress gave me a blank look, and asked me to ask the reception man. I asked her if she could help me ask, and she said "okay" hurriedly and went off somewhere else into the crowd and never appeared again. im sure she didn't ask the reception man, cos i was looking at him all along. Irresponsible leh, promise your customer then run away, trying to "avoid troublesome".

As least if she asked the man and he said no, with a valid reason, i wouldn't be so unhappy. She only "fu yan" me when she said "okay" lor!

Boyfriend's baked rice, with twin sauce - white cream and beef sauce.

Mine was Chicken chop baked rice. I had no other choice because almost everything in the menu is baked rice! There wasn't much varieties to choose from.

Soup served in a small little cup.

Creamy assorted mushrooms.

The taste was alright at first but sucky towards the end. The cheese was a tad too much. 3 dishes on our table was decked with lots of cheese, felt ugh after eating for some time.

Then again, we had no choice. Because almost everything inside the menu is cheesy -.-

But still, i would much rather eat their baked rice than Cafe Cartel's.

Watched My Sassy Girl, new york version yesterday!

I still prefer the korean version, although the new york version had the same storyline - almost just direct translate. I think it's because the cast was cuter in the korean version.

In the korean version, the girl had acted rather naturally, being more of cute than unreasonable. The new york version girl (played by Elisha Cuthbert) was more of mentally crazy than attractive though.

However, i would say that Elisha is really pretty! When she smiles, she is sure to melt any guy's heart.

The male cast in the new version was much more pleasant looking, but he lacked the uber cute blur look of the korean one.

Nevertheless, it was quite fun watching how they reacted the same scenes that were in the korean version. Oh ya, the korean one was like a comedy, lighthearted, romantic and touching, but this one was more of just another love story.

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