Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The dress that i wore in this casual shoot was from http://vivicherry.livejournal.com/ :) There are 3 shades of colours to choose from, and the one i wore was brown. Go get the stocks before Vivicherry runs out of them!



I liked this pic at first but after awhile i look weird :(

After the photoshoot, Fidelis joined me for lunch with boyfriend.
Din Tai Fung! Love it.

Boyfriend ordered hot&sour soup :(
I wanted chicken soup!

I love this drunken chicken! I devoured almost everything in afew minutes leaving only afew pieces for them =x
Beancurd. Another must-order for me.

Boyfriend's noodles.

Fidelis's mushroom noodles.


The fried rice took a long time to arrive so i forgot to take a picture of it. But it's also yummy! I always go to DinTaiFung when i have a craving for fried rice. Their's the best!!

Shopping afterwards. This lovely white piece caught my eye.

It has been such a long time since we hung out together~

Heels hurt and we sat down for chicken =p

I'll be busy for the following weeks, so that next gathering shall be my bday party bah! Looking forward to it! If you have no birthday gift ideas, get cab vouchers for me lor! Trust me, it would be put to good use! =p

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