Thursday, September 25, 2008

"In Polytechnics, we treat you like adults..."


Maybe your school does, but mine doesn't.
I feel like a primary school kid.

My definition of "treating you like adults" is to guide but not control, to advice but not forbid us. When students do something wrong, "treating them like adults" means you should be advising them, and if they listen, good. If they dont, let them bear their own consequences.

School rang up my parents.
To say that i skipped school for a number of times.


Does that sound familar? Totally what teachers do to their PRIMARY/SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS. I can understand it when teachers do that in primary/secondary school level. That's because most young teenagers have no self discipline and would definitely skip school if they can. To them, they find it unnecessary to go to school daily because whether they can pass the exams or not is not determined by how much time they spend in school (It's only about how much they revise and study before the exams), so they will confirm skip school.

But my school, R*P, is a school that base its grades on daily performance. For example, if you participated well in school for that day, you get a A. If you did badly tomorrow, you get a D. If you dont come to school, even with an mc, you get a X, which means a grade 0 will be added together to average your final grade.

We are YEAR TWO STUDENTS. We know that fact very well by now. We KNOW that if we dont come to school we are putting our overall grade at stake. We skip school because it's a personal choice and we KNOW the consequences, and not because we are mindless and not disciplined enough.

The age range in year two is quite wide, and could be as old as 25! So you mean you'll call up the 25 year old's wife to tell her that her husband hasn't been in school?

R*P boast of giving us a working environment for studying so that we'll be prepared for work when we graduate. Other than the 9 to 5 school hours (year two is 8 am- 4pm) and the constant changing of classmates, i dont find anything else that is "WORK PLACE ENVIRONMENT".

The boss wouldn't call up parents to say that their child haven't been to work right??. The boss wouldn't have security guards following and catching you smoking (at legal age) at the bus stop outside school isn't it??

Oh ya, i think the school is abit contradicting too. It says clearly that we CAN SKIP SCHOOL UP TO TWO TIMES PER MODULE BECAUSE TWO DAYS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR OVERALL GRADES. Facilitators have even encouraged us not to waste the two extra days for each module coming to school because it wont help the grades at all.

I haven't even used up all the two "extra days" from each of my module lor! It's not like i skipped the same module 10 times in a row?? Im not endangering my grades and it's YOU ALL who said we can handle and decide ourselves when do we want to give ourselves the two extra days. I wanted to do it today, can't i?

From the first year first semester until now, there has been too much new rules popping up here and there, and suffocating the students. Now i feel like im back in secondary school, no freedom and definitely not treated like adults.

Will delete any preachy comments that lectures me to go to school because "it's for my own good", so dont bother even telling me your views. It's a personal choice and what's important to you isn't important to me.

P/S: After reading some comments, I think it wasn't the school's problem for this call. I think it was my programme's chair instead. Pffftt.

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