Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I dont know why but i feel kinda broke now :( I have so many things on my shopping list! I have gum ache at the back of my mouth! It's very very painful... Mum says it's because i never drink enough water. True, i guess. Im those kind of people that survives on just a bubbletea a day.

I've got lots of new pics to blog about. But, im torn between blogging and watching the taiwan idol series "Brown Sugar Macchiato". My sister has the cd and my mum got hooked on it. She finished the episodes already but i havent! It's a really darn cute drama series :)

For those who watched the show when it came out last year, which character do you like most? Surprisingly, i like YaTou leh! I remembered complaining about her childlike voice whenever i pass by my tv lounge before i started on the drama. But when i begin to watch the show, i think she's super duper cute! Some people says that she's acting cute but even if she is, she's still cute!

Another girl i also like is Rong Jia! She's super cool and pretty luh.

As for the guys, i like wangzi for his coolness and charm, xiaoyu for his goodlooks, ao quan for his sillyness, and ahwei's kindness and sweetness to yatou. I dont like weilian though. He's very gay in the show -.- Oh, and xiaojie is kinda forgettable. Haha. I realised that xiaoyu looks like wang shao wei from 5566, and ahwei looks abit like Milk from ex-energy!

If im a guy from the series, i'll love yatou in preference over the other girls :D

Alright, im confusing those people who didn't watch the show!

SoupRestaurant with Boyfriend some time ago :) The food was great! Bill came up to almost $70.


Tea will help you to wash away oil after eating!

The service was rather good :)

Soup - Herbal Ginseng Chicken. VERY NICE. I drank every drop.

Oyster Veggie. Er, i dont like the type of veggie used.

Samsui Ginger Chicken. YUMMY!

As i was craving for fish, we ordered the steam fish. Not bad :)

Boyfriend ordered this for dessert. Herbal Jelly. He says it's super nice, but i think it taste like medicine jelly. haha.

Will definitely go back there again :D

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