Tuesday, September 16, 2008

After the Sony event, i had a creative makeup photoshoot and nadnut tagged along! (i met her like 4 times in 7 days that week. LOL)

Requested to do my own makeup, because i had an idea of how i want it to be like :) Luckily the photographer was fine with it!

Nadnut's eyeshadow palette. Nice!

I'm single eyelid. And notice how i have sleepy eyes. Haha. That's the reason why i can never go without thick eyeliner (erm, of course not with the previous post's thick eyeliner lah, that one was horrible!). The eyeliner shapes my eyes too look more awake =x

In this picture my eyes look uncontrasted and droopy. Me don't like to have sleepy look!

Basically, i smudged different colours onto the area surrounding my eyes and then draw the swirls using eyeliner. Should have used liquid eyeliner instead of pencil ones though.

I like this one! Not perfect, but i still like it :)

After the shoot, we spotted this Egyptian Restaurant at Hajilane and had a try!

The interior was unique. We were the only customers in the shop, i guess we were early.
Nadnut says she loves to try food from the different cultures and countries! Yay, found food kaki already. Bf isn't that enthusiastic about trying new unique food :( Im game for anything except awful/gross/insecty 'food'.

Their milktea was kinda funny. Instead of the usual milktea we had in coffeeshops, this one was really a cup of milk, and a teabag in it -.- So in the end, i felt like i was drinking some weird milk.
My main course arrived after a really long time. It's LAMB KEBAB. Should have asked for wedges for side instead of that flat bread thingy because it's really hard. Love the meat though, i had been craving for it again ever since.

Go for a try when you are at Hajilane! The bill was only like $13 per person :)

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