Friday, September 12, 2008

After a photoshoot 2 weeks ago, we went to Mahanttan Fish Market Restaurant to treat Amy to lunch for helping me out! :) One of my models couldn't make it last minute due to swollen eyes, so i had to drag amy out of her bed early sunday morning to replace the other model. Heh, my lovely babe :)

Jessica tagged along! At first in Victor's car we tricked Jessica saying that we are bringing her to a "fish market", those wet and stinky type. Hahaha, she protested so much and suggested billybombers and several other restaurants that nobody wants to go. Aiya, we found out that day that we have so much differences! She kept naming restaurants and other things that she likes, while me and amy would look at each other and laugh saying that we are just opposite of her, disliking those things that she mentioned she liked! Blah. Come from different worlds. True, she's an english elite while im a gone case in english. Haha.

At the restaurant!
Gorgeous Jessica and Pretty Amy :)

Garlic Bread! Jessica's recommendation. It's nice :)

We thought this was soup! It's just sauce =x

Amy loved this. Calamari.

Boyfriend's fish and chips. Jessica and Amy ate the same thing.

My grilled platter!

Me and victor ate the same thing! Very very nice. The rice is nice. The prawn is nice. The fish was alright. The fries was plain.
Amy's drink.

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