Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In love with this song currently.
MING TIAN YI HOU - Vincy Chan + Raymond Lam.

I love parts and pieces of the lyrics :)
Copy of Picture1A

Watched "the day" with arthur the other day! We were rushing late and accidently forgot to take out my bag from his bike.

My handphone, wallet, camera was inside the bag, and what's worse was that arthur didn't lock his bike case!

Omg, i was worrying whole through the movie that what if my handphone rang? Passerbys would have been curious and would find my bag and would take away my belongings!

Luckily it didn't happen. PHEW!

Anyway the show was very very very nice!
I love local productions, because it's very relatable. Other people may think singapore films are lousy, but i definitely think otherwise.

Trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAomgpzie9A

Different from other "gangster-based" movies made in singapore before. A confession to make, im actually quite a fan of "ahbeng-ish" guys. I dont know why too. But of course, not all types of ahbengs lah. Those that talk big but actually have no balls/treat girls like toys/unkind ones really disgust me.

Back to the movie:
Based on a true story, "the days" tells a tale between two brothers set between 1989 and 1990. In a misguided effort to teach "BABY" independence and to make him feel protected, ZI LONG brings him into his own gang of delingquents, introducing him to his group nicknamed "the 4 heavenly kings" - DOG (the silent fighter), COCKROACH (the loudmouth) and TAUPER (the motorbike riding free soul) together with their surrogate leader Jeremy Tan. Unknowingly, his decision has trown them both into a tumultous and violet world that will , in different ways, imprison them both.

After a series of events, ZILONG go inspired to start anew clean, but by that time, his younger brother has already tangled himself in the gang world that ZILONG had initially introduced him in.

My favourite man in the show was ZILONG. Heh, he looks super cool in the movie with his tied hair and two side fringe coming down.
The middle guy.

2nd favourite man was XIAO LAO DA- JEREMY TAN. He is super funny in the show, and definitely worth looking up to. Loyal to friends, has his set of principals and rules, and respected by his gang. (the middle guy in this picture)

3rd favourite guy is this handsome hunk. Haha, but didn't really notice him much during the movie cos he was almost like an extra without much speech lines -.-

You have to watch this show!! :)

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