Thursday, September 4, 2008


I just splurged $220 in a costume shop yesterday -.-
Me and nadnut was actually trying to find our way to the No.1 Costume shop to have a look and enquire about the prices of rental, when we stumbled upon this little shop at 15 bali lane.

Alice 88th.
Im not a fan of cosplay, and have never thought of buying costumes. But i really dont know why i spent so much yesterday on two piece of useless costumes that i'll never have the chance to wear out! One is a cute but revealing 2 piece bareback french maid costume and another one is a lowcut policewoman glossy suit- with the cap. Haha, im not even busty enough to wear a low-cut suit. I seriously dont know why i splurged on this 2 pieces.

I think i got bewitched.

Or maybe because the salesgirl was super nice. Chatty, not pushy, sincere and really attentive! It was raining heavily outside when i was about to leave, and so she went out and tried to flag a cab for me with her cute pink umbrella! She even packed my items in a plastic cover so that they wouldn't get wet. I think she makes every customer feel special. Or maybe because she was too bored in her shop.

Nevertheless, im still wondering how i managed to convince myself to buy something so expensive that i'll never use.

$220 spent on clothes that i can wear out is okay.
$220 spent on 2 piece of useless costumes that i can never wear out because they are too skimpy, is ouch :(

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