Friday, September 5, 2008


Watched 2 movies recently.
Both was a disappointment :(

1) A month of hungry ghosts.
No wonder the counter kept emphasizing it's a documentary. I knew it was a documentary but i thought it would be an interesting documentary as it was about ghost.

But then, i found it boring -.- I felt that they are sort of promoting Singapore at the start, then in the middle it started documenting some scenes of getai, burnings and interviews.
I was anticipating for "The End" throughout the movie. Arthur found it quite interesting though.

Before the movie was much more fun. Wanted to kill time so we played at the arcade! We spent more than $20 there within such a short time. Arcades are really money eaters. Favourite machine was the basketball one! Had fun shooting balls, and i had muscle cramps the next day. Gah.

Guess where we are!

After the movie he brought me to meet his friends. Lala.

Another movie was WALL-E!
Supposed to get a pair of free tickets from nuffnang but i wasn't free on the screening so i didn't take it. Me and boyfriend went to watch it another day, and was totally psyched. However, the show wasn't as great as we had anticipated it to be :(

The trailer seem to be so much nicer than the real movie itself. Wall-E didn't have alot of cute scenes and the movie seems to be very slow paced. Watched halfway and we both looked at each other and said "abit boring leh."

Other than Wall-E and Eve being lovely, having various cute expressions, the small little super cute vacume cleaner, and the interesting part about how human race would become in several hundred years time, the rest was just blah.

I really dont know why everyone else is giving the movie 5 stars.

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