Friday, September 26, 2008

i must blog about this before i forget it again.

Afew days ago, i tried logging into my email with my usual password but failed to. Since boyfriend has my password too, i asked him to try since maybe it was my computer that's having problem. When he said he couldn't log in too, i panicked.

I started trying to log into my other emails. The one that got hacked was my modelling email address, used for my assignments and corresponding with photographers. It was very important to me because most of my contacts are inside (because i dont save numbers of photographers unless im very close with them), and some of the contacts are necessary for an assignment afew days later.

Tried the "forget your password?" link to reset my password, but i was careless enough to forget my answer to the secret question :( And, for the alternate email, i had stupidly put the same address in, instead of my general email! There was no way i could reset my password.

Seeked help from boyfriend and nadnut, who was kind enough to find solutions for me. in the end, arthur provided me with the email of microsoft support.

Emailed to Microsoft support with little hope because i think they would be receiving lots of people's emails everyday asking them to reset passwords. Surprisingly, Microsoft support replied the next day promptly, asking me questions and about the messages inside the inbox to identify if im really the owner of the email.

In 2 days, i got back my email address. Im very very impressed by their service. Also, the person who correspponded with me sounded very sincere in helping, and none of that official cut-and-paste email kind. It was humanly, efficient and understanding.

Thanks Microsoft Support! ^^

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