Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I told sis that in the future she should call her son Louis(vuitton), Braun(Buffel), Jimmy(Choo) , and her daughter Chanel, Prada, MiuMiu, etc. And one of the child shall be called Guess.

Person A: Hi! What's your name?
Child: Guess.
Person A: Aiya, i lazy to guess lah. Say lei.
Child: Guess lar.
Person A: I dont want to guess. Say~
Person A: I really dont want to guess! Just say lar!
Child: *Faints*

Went to visit my new baby cousin today who is only one week old! So damn small and fragile. Super cute leh. Awwww. But im damn scared of newborn babies. It seems like if im rough or careless with them, they'll break. Too soft already lah. I think if i ever get pregnant (doctor says before that i'll have a hard time getting pregnant in the future because of some illness i have that also has a side effect that makes me fat no matter how little i eat, which i think is the reason why im so fat), i'll be damn scared of holding my kid once it's born! Im so super afraid of giving birth anyway. My teacher once told me that he saw the doctor cutting his wife's vagina. *gasp* I have a phobia of knives and scissors slashing into the skin.

I have been overspending alot recently!

Recently bought afew new dresses. Plus the ones that blogshops sponsor to me, i think i'll be having no wardrobe crisis for at least a week!

My colourful bikini arrived today. Love it!

Simple brown bag probably for school.

About a dozen cheap jewellery. I can never wear expensive ones because they always get lost after one time of wearing. Heh, because everytime i reach home, i take out and put it at random places and when i want to wear it the next time, i cant find it. Haha, they have all become disposable earrings.

Golden bag. I love shiny things.

Bought afew shoes, and random items too! Can't find them now though, must be under the mountain on my table and floor. You wont believe it if you see my table and it's surroundings! I stack my things on top of each other and it looks very untidy. I can't even find things when i need it! I would need to rummage through the pile of things which my mum calls "garbage". Paper bags could be seen everywhere on the floor =x I need a maid! Mum has stopped hiring maids eversince i grew up.

New namecard holder. Boyfriend doesn't like the silver cover but i love it!

Went over to hajilane yesterday but there wasn't much to buy from there. I love the interior design of each shop but the clothings are so-so. Seems like what i see from online blogshops, except with much higher pricings. Nextime can go there try on the designs then go home order from blogshops at a lower price. Heh.

Watched daddy play this F1 arcade game today. We almost got deaf because the really loud speaker was just beside us. The loud vroom vroom sounds.

Sister is quite close to my father, so sometimes she would randomly hug daddy. One day mum saw it and said: "Hmmph, you hug my boyfriend, next time when you bring your boyfriend home i sure hug him!"


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