Monday, September 15, 2008

Sony Cybershot Media Launch Event
3 September 2008

Was invited together with afew other bloggers to The White Rabbit. Was rushing late as usual and had to cab again. Bleah. Blame it on my makeup! Accidently draw too much eyeliner but can't rub it off because if i were to do it all over, i would be even later than late! So in the end, i just touched up with more, and ended up looking bad.

Dk picked me and nadia up from bugis and drove to The White Rabbit. Wasn't easy to find that place.


Heard that it used to be a church but they renovated and refurnished it into a restaurant :) Beautiful place! Nadnut says she wants to get married there.

Showcase of the newly launched cybershot cameras!

This one caught my eye! I love the colour and simplicity of the design.

^^ Sadly, im still not prepared to change my current camera.

DSC T77 and DSC T700 are both slim and pretty, just like the one above! Functions like smile shutter (great for candids), face detection, and scene recognition! Means you spend less time fiddling with the buttons! Oh ya, did i mentioned it's touchscreen?

DSC T500 left a big impact on me. It has HD video quality, and can even take pictures in the midst of videoing! Means you can now have both video and pictures taken at the same time! Although it's not as light as the others, i guess you have to compromise some things for quality. Design is pleasing to the eye, with various colours to choose from.

The very handsome emcee.

Face detectors. It didn't manage to catch my face with a box, so i told nadnut that my face isn't a face =(

There were loads of new wonderful functions!

After that, was games time! Haha, funny to see a bunch of adults (most of the people there were above 20) playing games together!

Because my group was very enthuaistic, and the leader was super steady, we got in first place and won ourselves a sony photoframe that hasn't even been introduced into the market! Yippie!

Haha, our group consisted mostly of bloggers, and other other groups were mostly media people, so of course we had to win! How could bloggers, who hold cameras ALL THE TIME, lose out in a camera marathon contest??! Glad we won :D:D

Nadnut was the most eager-to-win one. Haha. Once we completed a requirement for each stage, nadnut would go: "okay already right? lets go the next one!" Hahaha. No dillydallying.

Waiters walked around the place and served superb food.



isn't it a beauty?

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