Monday, September 22, 2008

Hmm, i wonder if i should post up photoshoot pictures of me in a french maid costume. It's abit revealing and i dont know if it'll offend some people who are not that open-minded. You know everytime i post up those pics that are a little suggestives, i get bad comments, probably due to people not used to seeing me in that kind of image.

Anyway, updates for my bday!

My bday is coming~~! it's on 6th October, but i'll have my jointed birthday party with princessa on 4th October! I've sent sms invites to some of you, and some i've asked personally. Do rsvp asap alright? Some of you i havent had the chance to invite, but i'll do soon! Or just remind me! Those that i've forgotten to invite (im sorry!), if you want to come you can just call me up or email me and i'll put you into the invitation list!

Gatecrashers are welcomed as long as you bring a present!

The biggest suite was booked at Holiday Inn's Atrium hotel, ready for partttttay! Alcohol, music, food, and fun!

Lets see who would have a flower on her/him in the most interesting way ever.

Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel

How to get there:

Nearest Mrt: Outram Park ot Tiongbahru.
Holiday Inn is quite tall, so if you see the hotel, just walk towards it.
**i recommend: share a cab. $5 from outram park mrt to the hotel :)

If you see this building, go in.

If you see this lobby, you are in the correct building.

When you reach there, call my hp number, or ask the hotel staff which floor "esther's bday party" is at. The room will be either 2615 or 2515.

Cya there!
Suggestions on what programmes we can have during the party, do comment! Anything fun and participative! ^^

While we were choosing hotels, actually wanted to book another hotel but the rates are like $1250 per night for the biggest room, but it's 3 times smaller than this one i booked for lesser money! -.- Im siao if i chose that hotel. This hotel i chose was also much more classy than that $1250 one!

Looking forward to the party. Heh.

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