Friday, November 21, 2008

Today i put on my new pair of contact lenses (because i have an event later on) after steering away from it for afew days to soothe my eyes.

But by mid afternoon, my eye hurts like siao! It's piercing and heaty. I can't stand opening my eye wide, and brightness makes me squint.

Im so afraid i wont be able to wear contacts anymore for the rest of my life. Im so afraid something wrong would happen to my eyesight. I need my eyes... they are so important to me. If i ever lose my eyesight, it would be like losing everything in my life because all the things i love doing, requires the eye.


Lots of problems have been bothering me recently. My relationship is like jumping off the cliff and lots of issues regarding my models/work/health. I need a rest.

Sometimes i wish i could just lay back and enjoy. But i can't, because i know i can only depend on myself. If i rely on him, i think i'll be dead before he even start doing anything.

I hate his selfish, hostile and impatient attitude towards me. The person i fell for a year ago, wasn't this bum who refuses to put in any effort for anything until i reach my tolerance point and scream. The person i fell for a year ago, was someone i can always fall back on in times of weakness.

Yes, i might be the most bad-tempered gf in the world, but how do you expect me to be sweet to a person like this? How come i dont throw that much frustrations on other people?

I've talked to him about it a million times.
But i guess his ears were sleeping all the time.


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