Saturday, November 22, 2008

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Sometimes you just want a break from watching lousy action movies, horror that is not scary at all, lame comedies, unbelievable fantasy stories, soppy romances, and stressful mysteries.

All you want is a lighthearted, realistic, sweet movie that is not too loveydovey till you cringe..

I didn't have any expectations when i was invited to this movie screening. I dont even know what it was. I just went along even though i was having painful eye infections because well, i will be paid afterall.

I was really surprised at how much i like the movie - no, im not saying this just because it's an advertorial. I really like it! I wont say it's my favourite movie ever, but it is definitely worth at least 4 stars. You just naturally feel good after the movie.

Awwww, i really feel like telling everyone everything about the movie, from the storyline to the funny bits. But that would be a spoiler wouldn't it? You guys should go and watch the movie yourselves!

I like the funny scenes, which are very natural and not trying-too-hard. I was practically laughing most of the time. I also liked the lighthearted storyline, about a very ordinary plain boy falling out of love and meeting another ordinary plain girl who shares his taste of music. What accompanies it was the "popular" ex-girlfriend, who turned out to be a loser, and a bunch of good friends who finished up the package. Another addition to the story was the very cute drunk friend (me and jessica loved her)... Crazy, yet very likeable.

The show is very realistic in a way that the characters were not played by handsome and pretty faces. I can say that none of the cast was super goodlooking. They look ordinary, just like people you see on the streets.

Cast includes Michael Cera from Juno and Superbad, & Kat Dennings from The House Bunny. So if you like their previous movies, do catch them in this one!

Oh ya, i like the background location for the show. New York! That's where everything could happen. I love the upbeat atmosphere of the city even at night, and the energetic youngsters in every corner.

Although a very typical love story in which boy meets girl, but somehow i felt a sense of uniqueness in the movie which differentiates it from other love movies. Very simple storyline yet with abit of complex in it. Falling in love within an eventful night, all in one night. It gives you a very sweet feeling, and gives singles a hope that love could fall on you anytime anyplace, especially when you least expected it.

Rating of movie is unfortunately, NC16 :(
Those who are above, do catch the movie~! You wont regret. Go with your boyfriends/girlfriends. Dont worry, because it's not those draggy soppy romance drama. Your bf wont complain~ instead i think he'll like the movie too, as it's not over-girly like Sex and the City.

You can find out more about the movie at

Tell me you love it after you watched k?! :D

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