Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've gained fats! (NOT "gain weight" because weirdly, my weight went lighter while my fats were piling up happily. Haha.)

It's either Leon's bad photography skills (oops, fidelis dont tell him! =x) , or i have really put on weight. I see the halloween group pictures at other blogs and the first thing i see is my big lumps of thigh fats + arm fats!

I've always been flabby in these areas, but I didn't know that it was SOOOOO FAT lor!

Now, let me tell you why i usually look alright in my photos and not that fat like those group pics. It's all because of the angle and some posing tricks!

My legs usually look alright in my photos because i stretch them out instead of keeping them in. It also helps to add length to the legs. (Im really very very short!)

My arms usually look alright in my photos because i dont press my arms against my body when i take sideway pictures. If i press my arms against my body, the flabs would all lay out for the world to see, so by lifting it a little away from your body, it looks perfectly fine with minimal fats :D

BUT! Sometimes i forgot about it and end up with photos of me looking tremendously, ridiculously, crappily fattttttt! Grrrrrr. And my liquifying skills is super super lousy. If i liquify my pictures, you will be able to see it immediately - guarantee, confirm, plus chop! Even boyfriend, who has ZERO knowledge in photoshop can do a better job than me =( I have unsteady hands.

Aiya, back to topic, i think i've really grown fatter already. In the past when i wear bikinis, my tummy is as flat as a iron board. But that day when i wore it, i see my tummy poking out! I dont know if it was the little meal i ate before wearing the bikini that caused the hump, but neverthelesss, it's bad looking.

Arthur thinks i still look the same, my colleagues mentioned that my face became slimmer (but they also added that my butt is still as big as ever -.-), but boyfriend said that i become fat liao lor! Hmmph.

I can eliminate fat pictures of myself off my blog, but i wont be able to restrict my friends from posting them up on their blogs! So........ I must work hard to JIAN FEI! Keep that chicken away from my sight please. Thankyou ^^

** I know some people are going to complain why am i ranting about my fats on my blog when nobody bothers. But it's MY blog. Why can't i write about my fats gain on my blog? And also, i've not been complaining about fats for a long time already. Let me be this time k? :D

I've also just went to cut my fringe shorter as it's getting longer! Fidelis' hairstylist from this Clover hairsalon had helped me cut my hair afew months ago and i loved the results. After so long, they still remembered me and refuse to let me pay for cutting my fringe -.- Nice people they are. Go visit them at Clover -Far east plaza 3rd level!

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