Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've decided to blog about the Philips event first instead of the MMF concert because i merely have to grab the pictures from the event photographers that Philips had hired. =p

And because the event photographers did such a good job, i didn't have to edit anything except those from my own camera! (Didn't took much pics that day though, because there were great photographers around to capture all that was needed. ^^ All events should hire this group of photographers so that we can enjoy ourself without the need to take photos of everything! )

Phillips Indulge Your Senses Bloggers Event.
Thanks to the invites by Gavin & Sabrina, and the team that made this a great event.

DISCLAIMER: i know my makeup was horrendous here, with the concealer under the eye being so obvious. Boo.

Cabbed down to Fairmont Hotel with isaac after school. Shortly after we reached, a limousine came to fetch us to the Scarlet Hotel, where the event is taking place.

It was a unique and rare experience riding in the limo!

Very short heels that day, and a simple floral tube dress.

Chocolates! While everyone else shared another bar of chocolate, me and winnie gobbled up this packet of chocolate balls within minutes. Hehe.

The long limo!

Scarlet Hotel was simply beautiful.

Everyone hung out at Breeze first, with food and champagne. Just the right time for our hungry stomachs.

Comparing two television sets. I was unable to see properly as my eyes were still having infection and i can't stare at brightness for more than 3 seconds that night.

Then we were separate into our respective groups. Winnie was separated from us! I was still kept with most of my friends :)

I like the photographer that followed us in the car. She's really funny! And best of all, she takes nice pictures of me and agrees to delete any of our unglam pics :D

For the first activity, each of us test each earphone without seeing what brand it is, and then write down our feelings about it.

Back to the suite!

Loreal people who permed my hair using the philips home curler and Loreal haircream/hairspray.

The curler was really good! The curls were formed just after afew seconds of pressing on each bunch of strands! Great for impatient people like me who wants it quick.

While i was doing my hair, the guys had a sensationl and exciting waxing session in the bathroom. Hee.

Priss and me after my perm!

Jack taking self potraits of us with his camera :)

Next, we were brought to anther room to experience the wireless technology of playing music. You choose the track on your hp, and it plays on the speaker at the other side of the room. Great :) They also let us try some of their earpieces which were customed to suit the human's ear, so that it wont be painful.

Andy won the lucky draw. The picker shouted that there's a N in the name. Then said there's a D in the name. Everyone thought the winner would be nadnut but in the end turns out to be andy.

GoodieBag was full of great stuffs! (got this pic from peggy's blog)

The limousine drove a bunchful of us noisy people back to fairmount hotel for the convenience of those taking mrt.

Remaining ones were me, nadnut, isaac and fidelis. Walked a long distance to have supper near esplanade and cabbed home. I enjoyed the night throughout and it would have been perfect if not for my eye infection which was bothering me alot.

I hope there are more of such fun events!

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