Friday, November 14, 2008


Good quality. I've afew pieces of tees also from this supplier.

ORDERS CLOSING ON: 18th Novemeber.
Will arrive maximum 2 weeks time.

1 piece for $15.
includes free normal mail.
If you want registered postage, add $2.30

Transfer to posbsavings 055-31108-0 and add a comment below with your name, email/contact number, address and transaction details + date/time. Comments will be screened. Incomplete details will be ignored.

alternatively can email to to place your orders and payment. thanks.

length: 58cm
standard size

1. Diamond Blue/Pink/White

2. Rainbow Balls Yellow/White/Pink

3. Smile! White

4. Wally white/black

5. Elmo Yellow/Green/Black

6. Unrest Can't be Hide

7. Scissors Paper Stone Pink/White

8. Big S Black/white

9. Pandas

10. Slle Black/Pink/White

11. Wordy Blue/Pink/Black

12. Elephant Black/White/Blue/Red

13. Rainbow Stussy White/Black

14. BunnyPout White/Pink/Yellow

15. Bearbears White/Blue

16. Iluvpunk black/white

17. Wqq Pink/Yellow/

18. Power Black/White

19. AtoZ black/White/Pink/Yellow

20. Shark pink/white/black

21. Perl Black


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