Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So many events coming up but my eyes refuse to get well. If i can't wear contact lens then i can't attend all of them!

Tomorrow there is a LG event, after that i'll have to go source for a good hotel room for one of my model's shoot, and also go watch a movie screening for an advertorial.
Then thursday there is a casting.
Then friday there is Philips.
Then Saturday there is a Music Concert.
Sunday i have to go to Amanda's bday party.

Im going out today to get a new hp and tonight for a chalet- WEARING MY STUPID UGLY SPECTACLES. If you see me please ignore and pretend you didn't see me okay.

*cries out loud*

Boyfriend took this picture at birdpark yesterday.

' ESTHER : ice-angel * says:
u must let me poke your head like the parrot too.
' KELVIN : Juristum * says:
' KELVIN : Juristum * says:
why poke!
' KELVIN : Juristum * says:
they cuddling!
' KELVIN : Juristum * says:
' KELVIN : Juristum * says:
u want poke me!
' ESTHER : ice-angel * says:

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