Monday, November 10, 2008

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Singapore's First Blogger Blood Drive

Remember my previous post about "What's your type?" and you joined the microsite?

The microsite URL is and facebook,

So have you made some new friends yet? :)
Actually, this was a campaign for blood donation! See the pun? Bloodtypes and partnertypes? Haha.

I know some of you are afraid of whether it would be painful, but no matter what, keep in mind that you are actually helping someone out there! You might be the one who kept someone alive in the future. That person would be so thankful to caring and generous souls like you!


Do join the Nuffnang's Blood Donation Event on 29th Nov 2008!
Hope you'll be there!

Time to earn some karma points!
And who knows? You might meet other kind friends like you!

Join the facebook group for more information and updates!

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