Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The other day you were complaining to me about how scheming someone else is. Yet you forgot to see how similar you are to that person: Every single action you do has a hidden ugly intention.


It's not the first time that you've schemed against me already. Just because i kept quiet all those times, it doesn't mean that i dont mind it. I can't believe i kept thinking that you are actually not a bad person, again and again.

Im usually nice.
But i can also be very mean when it comes to people like you, stepping on my tail again and again. Wait and see.

Oh ya, and regarding xiaxue's latest entry that includes a photoshopped version of my face, i know about it long ago when isaac showed me the picture on her facebook. I have no complains except that i wished she had chose a better "before" picture. I think the picture she chose didn't look that bad when it was on my blog, as it was slanted and not close up.

Im still trying to improve my makeup because i also think that it's quite sucky now... I like the hair colour of the "after" picture, the eyebrows and the eye makeup! But no matter how i try, i still can't do it like the picture lei. I need a personal makeup artist who understands my features and is a total genius at beautifying faces :D

As for the nose and mouth and jawshape, i dont think i can do anything about it other than undergoing plastic surgery leh, which i dont think i will for now. Let's see if slimming down would alter my current jawshape to be thinner. Maybe i should get BioEssence's face slimming cream.

Anyone has a good foundation to introduce to me? My skin is very matt and dry, so even though i dont have an acne problem, it actually looks patchy, wrinklish and old with or without makeup. Any solutions to help me get great shiny smooth even skintone? :D

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