Sunday, November 9, 2008

I think that trying not to spend too much money is like trying to go on a diet.

When you skip meals while on a diet, you end up eating more than you are supposed to after afew days because you are really hungry and you have the urge to binge.

When you try not to spend too much money by not taking cabs and buying unnecessary things, you get a wholesome sense of satisfaction by the end of the week, but when you step into a shopping mall, you would want to reward yourself, and then you'll have a very strong urge to go on a shopping spree. And then you would take cabs around everywhere because you thought you saved alot of money throughout the week.

I had been supressing myself not to spend on cabs for one whole week! Then i broke the chain yesterday by sitting a cab everywhere =x and having the urge to spend alot alot alot. Oh my, the pleasure of a shopping sprees is undescribable!

I bought a beautiful pair of high high high heels from Charles and Keith~ Supposed to be $50 but there's 20% off now! The best thing is...... I LOVE THE HEIGHT of this pair of gorgeous black heels with a strip of gold! The design is so-so only lah, but the inches swept me off my feet and i fell in love with it.

Isaac was encouraging me to buy. "Nice nice! Very high!" ... (i think he only wanted me to faster make up my mind so that i will get out of the shop. haha )

But when i asked boyfriend, he gave me the "wahlao, you want to spend unnecessary money again -.- " look. But as usual, whatever advices boyfriend gives me, i do the opposite. Heh. Like if i ask him "Pink or white nicer?"... and he replies "pink", i will get white immediately. Hahaha. Dont know why.

And so, i got this lovely pair of black heels!


You know how super-high heels usually hurt your feet after awhile, this one doesn't! I kept telling isaac that it practically feels like FLATS! Okay lah, not so exaggerating, but it feels like a 1-inch heel! It's also so stable, you wont feel like falling down.


I feel like buying one more exact same pair, so that if this one spoils, i have another extra!~

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Geo Angel Brown is my recommendation. It's clearly seenable, enlarges the eye, and looks good on anyone!

I also tried on the black one with stars inside. I can now tell people "I see stars!" in daylight. haha. Ever since my first pair of coloured lenses, i gave up clear lenses. Heh.


There are so many blogshops out there, but this is one of the list of shops which i would frequently go back to. Because they update alot of new items in a single collection, and i love the name of the shop. haha.

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Just a short update today. I've got afew more longer entries coming up next :)

Mum cooked a big bowl of crab beehoon soup for supper today. Smells nice! Shall go eat now. Good night world!

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