Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can't help it but exclaim

Just saw the amount of payment i'll be getting for a new advertorial deal and im very pleased! I think the payment is quite high considering the fact that im getting money just for doing something fun, enjoyable and only for maximum 2 hours. Much more than what i get for blogshop ads. Alot more.

I dont think this is work for money lor, it's more like a belated birthday present from nuffnang. Heyo guys, more of this kind of fun advertorials lei! :D:D

Support their blood donation drive next week! I think i might be going.

I've been out of the house past few days with no spects on, so if you smiled at me and i didn't smile back, it's because i can't see your face, not because im unfriendly k? :D

I failed my PP (Professional Profiling) report!

Other schools have work attachment my school dont have.

Other school students earn money during attachments,
My school students pay money to do reports -.-

Pffftttt, then when fail, means waste my cabfare ($30) + printing money which is $16 (some paid $32, or even $60) just to print 8 pieces of A3 paper which is only of use for like 10 minutes, then leave to rot at home already -.- Although it's a petty sum, but it might be alot of money to other people with financial difficulties. And even for people without financial difficulties, im sure they'll prefer to spend that $16 or $32 or $60 on something more useful right. And my time used to do out the report leh?? It wasn't even sloppy work lor. It's pink and pretty. The judges didn't even go and read the words on the posters during presentation leh.

Met up with Winnie the other day because i wanted to go sing kbox. But then we nua-ed at amanda's house until quite late already so in the end went to eat dinner only.

Who's that behind me.

Self timer. Haha.

Had billy bombers! Winnie = Fierce. You should have seen her stern look to the waiters. Haha.

Before that, i was having disastrous eye makeup (bad-eye day), and so i removed everything and Winnie helped me put on eye makeup.

Tada, double eyelids.

This is the crab beehoon soup that mummy cooked for supper some time back! I miss it so much~ Very nice!

Thunderstorms and Rain.

Sony Ericsson Launch Event:
Xperia X1 + C905

This was so long ago, i forgot to blog about it!

Much hype with this picture board, because if any of the guests are able to guess which picture was taken by the C905, will get the chance to win a c905 phone!

C905 is one of the newly launched cybershot phone. I love sony ericssion's cybershot phones. The pics are just fantastic. I've been using a cybershot phone for a long time and got really use to it. Love the solid feel :)

I was munching on the yummy food. I guess i was hungry.

Demonstrations. I really like the design of the Xperia X1. Looks very unique and classy. Heh. Nadnut was very interested in one of the 9 customisable panel interface, the fishy one. Im sure you guys have seen the ad on tv already right? Kinda cool :D
Claudia won one of the stylish Xperia X1 phone!

Sleek design of the Xperia X1!
Something irrelevant, Helipad's a really nice location. Love it!

I have a confession to make.
I wrote the start of this entry in the morning, and now is already after 12 midnight. Well, i got distracted by the wonders and wows of the internet and forgot about this blog entry.

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