Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saw this rainbow balls at deviantart while randomly surfing. SUPER CUTE!

Just went to take my namecards today. CHIO! Im glad i chose glossy instead of matt. I have 197 pieces now after mummy took two and sister threw away one. Haha. I think i'll take a long time to finish giving them out. Nadnut is waiting for my namecard! lol. I wanna kiss my namecards, i love how they look! Pinkish and sweet ^^ Lazy to find the picture to post them up. If i meet you in real life take from me k? :D:D

Shot Queeny the other day.

If you are interested to have a photoshoot done for yourself, please email to . Due to overwhelming response the previous time, i now charge a minimal fee. Definitely cheaper than makeover studios outside :) I have several packages available. If you need more of the photos i shot before, i can send you ^^

I made this blogskin for myself yesterday. But now feel that my current one is still nicer hor?

Also, updated with a mini collection~
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