Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There are things i want to say,
but i couldn't write them here.

So is it really true that guys crave after girls they can't get. And always fails to see who's beside them? Like that i rather always be the cant-get-her girl.

Gillette Bloggers Gathering Event.
Thanks to Estee for all the efforts in bringing so many bloggers together!

There was supposed to be a 2 hour buffet but i was late because i had a photoshoot before hand (T_T) I reached just in time before the movie. Isaac was also late cos he was waiting for my photoshoot to end =x Heh, everytime event i wait for him this time wait for me nevermind lah :D

Winnie and Amanda also late! Pictures pictures~

Collected tickets and went into the GoldClass cinema. Although seat was comfy and i like the point about being able to call for service any time we want, i still prefer those vip sofa seats at normal cinemas though. You know those big sofa sits with coffeetable at the very back of some cinemas? They are much better for dates cos you can cuddle! Goldclass is for rich people who do not like to cuddle :D It's also good for guys who dont want their gfs to pull their shirt sleeves throughout a horror movie.

Boyfriend looking at menu. I had a craving for their wings!

The seating arrangement for our row was Fidelis, Jessica, Boyfriend, Me, Isaac, Jayden, Amanda, Winnie & HuiYi. Super good arrangement because im around all my lovely friends! :D

Estee, Ming, Xiaxue & her bf was 2 levels up.
Nadnut + her bf, Sabrina + her bf was at the top row. Boohoo, so far away~

After the movie.

I love her rainbow hairband! I also want one :DI miss nadnut! She's having exams currently so i can't go paktor with her :(

Estee took out a polaroid camera and everyone got excited. Haha. I love polaroids!
Winnie proving that she have boobs. That's why can support paper. Haha.

Advertising my blog leh! haha.

Fidelis and jess came over to find me and we took pics!

Photos again! Winnie cut off in this one. Apparently my hand too short. Haha.

Tada. Winnie's hand is longer.

with Jayden. Isaac covered the flash with his finger -.-

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