Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ya, i know the previous post was a rebuke. I didnt even say it wasnt. It was a rebuttal at the comments she made about me. Not at her.

The more i say, the more mistakes i'll make.
The more mistakes i make, the more chances im letting people find faults in me.

The less i say, the more assumptions people will make.
The more assumptions other people make, the more chances they have something to say about me.

Either way, it doesn't work positively for me.

Hey, im just a typical girl out there without a good sense of english, minding my own business and blogging about my own personal boring life, so why dont you all go back to your perfect xiaxue star and wait for her next post?

When people lash out their honest opinions of someone, you call them bitchy. When someone dont spit, you call it acting demure. Oie. Like that, what do you want me to be?

When i use lousy english, people ask me to learn better english before blogging. When i try my best not to have wrong grammar, someone says im trying too hard to have better english. Oie, like this, what can i do?

And lastly, everyone do have photos that dont look nice at some point of their life right? I'll laugh at my own photos sooner or later when i grow up, so dont bother. thankyou.

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