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I know i have been postponing this post day after day, and i felt bad about it. And so, i told myself i must get it done by tonight! Reach home late this evening, and immediately regretted promising you guys this morning that i'll get this done before you all wake up from your nice comfy beds. Im actually very sleepy now and i havent even start on my homework which must be submitted by 11:59pm, which is about 20 minutes later. In order not to fall asleep halfway through typing this post, i made coffee for myself. I dont drink coffee usually, because i think it makes my mintbreath mouth spells coffeeish and i dont like it. I prefer my mouth to be always mintyfresh, so i always pop 3 clorets into my mouth every hour. Yea, that means most of my pocket money goes into buying many Clorets mini-tablets. Dont worry, they are sugar-free! hee.

My sister told me that the coffee is expired AFTER i finished drinking it all! Grrr. Anyway, my com is super laggy now. When i type 5 letters, it only comes out after 5 seconds :(

It's so unfun to blog when the computer is laggy.
Okay. Around 2 or 3 weeks ago, the interest group (CCA) club that i joined in school organised a camp for year one bonding. Oh ya. I forgot to tell you people that it was an indoor camp with aircon everywhere, and not a mosquito-swatting outdoor camp. Hee. Me and fiona met up with Roy at the mrt station and rode to school together. We entertained ourselves with our music players and his PSP.
We played a Name game. Gathering around in a circle, we have to think of an adjective to go with our names. The initial of the adjective must be the same as our name. For example, Crazy Candy, Fat Felicia or Happy Helen.

I couldn't think of anything to go with Esther except for Elephant! Elephant Esther. LOL. Someone used extraordinary before me, so i couldnt use it. I ended up with Easygoing Esther, and i was lying because im not easygoing at all. Haha. When i got home, i realised that i could use exotic, elegant, extravagant, or other chim E-words instead of Boring Easygoing. Here are some of the names which i remembered them mentioning.

Pretty Pamela. Haha. She said "pretty" in a whisper and thought no one would hear it.
Ridiculous Roy. I asked him why he didn't want to use Retarded Roy.
Funny Fiona. She thought of Banana Fiona before this one. hahaha.

And then, we had to remember ALL of their adjectives + names, and had to take turns to list them out aloud! Phew. Lucky that day i had good memory.
Next, we had the 007 game. In this game, a person will start by using her hands to act as a gun to shoot someone in the circle, and say bang. The two persons beside the person who got shooted have to raise both of their hands and say "aah!" Then, the person who got shooted, will have the chance to shoot another person inside the circle. Whoever had slow reaction or responded wrongly would be kicked out. I was out within afew rounds.
Then, we had this Mortal and Angel's game. We have to pick someone out from that can that contains all of our names inside, and we would be the "guardian angel" for that person throughout the camp. Haha. I'm the one below with the most stupid pose in the world. Yes, that yellowshirt fella.
After that, we have to decorate our own envelopes, and paste them on the window. Our guardian angels will drop us notes or sweets or anything that they want, secretly, during the camp. See the 3 neatly aligned envelopes at the far left? That's Roy, Fiona, and my envelopes! Haha. My "mortal" that i have to take care is a very tall girl, and she purposely pasted her envelope in the highest spot she could reached -.- I posted a note to her envelope and told her im not tall so please dont torture me, and shifted her envelope to the middle of the window, which is where my height can reach. Bleah.
Florence was telling us the instructions for the next game. Each group will be given two locations around the school, and each group have to find a hidden envelope in each of the location. In each of the envelopes, there will be a jigsaw puzzle that we have to piece together. It could be our senior's earring, our teacher's hair or watch.

My team found the envelopes rather fast after running like lunatics around the school because both of our locations are so far from each other. We couldn't split up the search because it's against the rules. We pieced the puzzles together, and the things we had to find were 1) our teacher-in-charge's hair, and 2) a senior's earring. Since the senior was participating in the game too, it means she is running about the school with her team too. That is what makes it so difficut to find out where she is. We used some underhanded methods, and in the end my team won the race. YAY.
We were the first team to come back to finishing point with all the items!

Next, is the Ball-is-molester game. Basically, it's just a simple game where two ball-throwers throw the ball around in the hall, and other other players must try their best to dodge the ball. If the ball touches them, they are Out of the game.

Everyone was sweating of too much running after the game. LOL.
Amira, Annice, Samantha and Xuefang.
I think this photo is nice! The person inside the photo is not me lahs.
The person inside this photo isn't me also. haha.

Boring corridor becomes pink corridor!
Resting time!
We had to write our names on the disposable cups.

Then, some of them started trying handstands. I did not. I watch only. haha. I hated gymnastic since primary school because other than standing upside down against the wall, i couldn't do any stunts correctly at all.

Annice is the expert! She takes hiphop classes.

Roy is curious, and tried too!
Here's a short video i randomly videoed while they were trying handstands. it's amazing how Roy could do handstands within afew minutes of learning. He didn't even try before!

Some other projects. Time to leave that air-conditioned cold hall~!!

Amira and Liya ( i dont know how to spell )
Our school's sports complex!
It's BBQ time!

Cute right?! Haha.
Nice view. We were bbq-ing on top of a hill.

These two seniors are the ones taking care of my team! Friendly people! Haha. Oh ya, I always connect Loga with Yoga. Haha. She says she has the most unique name on earth.
Ms koh, a girl whose name starts with Q, Roy, and me!
The one with red tee is the cutest teacher i've ever known.

She didn't ate bbq-marshmallows before! Roy teaches her to suck all the melted juice inside first before chewing on the outside. haha.
Then, we started on telling jokes.

After the BBQ, we gathered at a place, and these two started trying hiphop moves.
No... It's not going home time...
It's time for water fun!
There were some games involving using machine guys to shoot water. In the end, no one cared about the game and begin shooting everyone they see! The drier you are, the more they shoot. The wetter you are, the more they like seeing you getting more wet than you already was.

See how wet we were!

Everyone is wet. Very Very Wet. It seems that all of us fall into the swimming water or something.

No more water in the gun? Dont worry! We have super many water in that container!

Battle of the babes.

Liya, Samantha and Amira! They still look so glam even though they are wet.
I look kanasai after playing. Makeup smudged. But nevermind lahs. It was fun ^^

Time to go bathe liao!

Without makeup, we girls returned to the hall to face the guys. We kept asking people: "Do you recognize me??". Haha. We were so afraid we would look super different. Hahaha. We dont want the guys to faint upon looking at our natural face. Especially me. I know i look super different when with makeup and without makeup.
I borrowed Roy's jacket, and it was super big size lah! I look like a brown polar bear when i wear it. haha.

We sang a song called "if we hold on together", to bid farewell to some of the seniors who are stepping down.

They were given handmade candles!

They are so touched.
Oh. And a red flower each!

im without makeup in the following pictures. Yes, that girl with a big brown jacket above a pink shirt.

We got hungry in the middle of the night and ordered Macdonalds delivery! YAY.

I messaged my mum goodnight, and guess what she replied? She said: "Okay. Dont let ugly boys molest you ah. ^^ Goodnight!"

LOL!!! ugly cannot, den shuai one can lah! Haha.

Samantha, Roy, Fiona and Cindy snatched up the 4 sofas available, and slept on them. Cindy lent me her sleeping bag, and i slept comfortably. Those 4 greedy people who snatched up the sofas, couldnt sleep well because they were too cold whole night without a cover. hahahaha.
Morning! Traditional breakfast of bread with peanut butter! Haha. I prefer butter without peanut though. However, the simple breakfast that morning was great! I think it's because i was hungry =X
Performing time! This team presented their item.
My team were given two disposable bowls, a fake flower, a blue glitterpen, contruction paper and some paper clips to make an item to "sell". We made Aroma Therapy.

Our turn to present! I was acting as a bimbotic rich tai tai. Haha. I dont know why i always ended up in this kind of roles. I remember there was one time when i had to act a skit in class, i was given the role of a bimbotic wife. Then, in another skit, i was acting as a vain model catwalking through a tv set. Hahaha.

My team and our "product".

Okay, i shall introduce our "product" to you. Our aroma theraphy is called Tai Tai. We poured water onto one of the bowls, and mixed some of my nice-smelling shampoo into it, so that it really smells nice when we passed the product around the judges. We add the pretty fake flower into it. We used the paper clips to create handles so that bimbotic taitais can carry the aroma therapy out with them on shopping sprees. Haha. The handles is also easily changable, so they can choose the colour of handles according to their mood. Creative hor?! Haha.

We also made a Chey Brand. It's a lousy brand that has no smell and construction paper as leaves. Haha. To show the difference between our brand and a lousy brand.

Prize giving time! Our team won first place from the points we gathered throughout the camp.
We are also given a $10 swensens voucher each! YUMMY!
The last programme we had was to guess who our "guardian angels" are. I guessed correctly. Hee. My guardian angel was my team leader, Lily!

What did i receive in my envelope?

A note and rabbit sweets! (:

Okay lah. I know this entry got more and more boring towards the end. I was rushing this off so that i could sleep. I took 2 hours for this entry! Show some appreciation by commenting please. hehs. Byebye!

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