Sunday, July 22, 2007

Do you realise that so many people are blogging about this recently?


okay. actually just 5, because after racking my brains hard, i realised that i only have 5 favourites.

And on top of the list is....


Link: (click!)

Reason: Because... He's sibeh sian. haha. i think he's extremely funny and is always super suay. When i first got to know of his blog, i spent two entire days reading ALL of his archives! I can take SibehSian History Test and score 100 marks already (:

He blogs about his normal life, but he could always blog about them in a very interesting manner. He's anonymous, so i still dont know whether he's bald with a big tummy. I only know he's a 28 year old virgin. Not by choice.

Extra: Read his blog right from the first entry. Then, you'll understand who is "OB", "Sushi-Eating-Friend", "Ms Tan", and "Nerd". My favourite character is of course, nice and naive "Nerd". Heh.

2) Kenny Sia
Reason: Because.. he's funny, not because of his tummy.

3) Isaac
Reason: Because he's a great friend, and i should share my hits with him! Hee.

4) TypicalBen
Reason: Because.. he's cute. Haha. The first time isaac brought him along and we sat in the bus together, i thought he was the unfriendly cool cool type. Then i got to know him and his blog, and realised that he's NOT cool at all lor. Chey. Act cool only. He loves orange colour. He denies, but i insist he likes it. ^^

he joined me and isaac together and named us the "Miracle Typical Ass" -.-

Me: the MIRACLE season.
Benjamin: TYPICAL ben
Isaac: isaac luvs his ASS.

and lastly....

5) FIONA!!


Reason: because... she's my queen! haha. i've not done my duty as her bestfriend, because i dont enter her blog frequently. BUT. I know she doesnt enter my blog frequently too, so we are even. Hee. We tell each other everything, so reading each other's blog is like reading things we already know. However, I like her unique writing style. I love reading it, but she doesn't update much. Damn.

Tag 7 people to blog about their top 7 bloggers.
- I tag everyone of you to blog about the top 7 bloggers you adore, and why!

I feel like eating something now, but i dont want to make myself too full. The reason is because i'll feel guilty after eating too much, and most importantly of all, choongming will call me feifei again -.- grrr.

OIE. i really dislike people saying that i disapprove bad comments when i accepted every single comment of xiaxue supporters. If you have doubts, submit your bad comment and see if your comment will get deleted. It wont.

It's not my fault that all my haters are flooding their comments at xiaxue's blog instead of mine. It is also not my fault that people are encouraging me at my blog, okay?

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