Thursday, July 5, 2007

Are you bored??
I think you are, because that's the only reason why you ended up here reading this blog. Haha. Well, i've got two websites here to recommend to bored people!

If you really hate cutesy stuff, then you can probably skip the following pinky photos and head to the second recommendation.

A new blog doll has come to live in my blog! Her name is Happy-Melody, and you can visit her at my sidebar. You can feed her with EasterEggs, or watch her doing cartwheels. I adopted her at

I found this website by chance. I forgot how. The url is easy to remember, so since i was bored that day, i decided to try going into that site to see what's inside. That was then my Happy-melody found a nice home! haha. You can adopt a blog-doll together with a pet too! The only requirements is that you must have a blog.

There are 3 doll designs to choose from. Of course i chose the 3rd one. I think the other two looks auntie. Haha.
When i chose her, something came down and grabbed her poor head!
Then i had to register. I can also choose a pet for my doll! The cat is the cutest.
We also have to choose a car. Of course, i chose the middle one because the first one looks like those pushcarts in old china movies and the last one looks like shit.
You doll can die if you dont feed it for afew days! If that happens, you can click on doll-doctor and it will save the doll within 5 days.
She is in my sidebar currently, but there isnt much to play. That's why i say, this website is for people who are seriously too bored.

2nd recommendation:
Ben tricked me using this site that day.
This is truely amazing. haha. Get into the site.
Enter your friend's name. If he's called Handsome, write handsome. If he's called Tom, write Tom. If he's John, write John. If she's called ShaSha, write Shasha.
Add 65 infront, and his or her handphone number at the back.
Copy the link given, and send it to the person via msn.

He will reach this website, where he will listen to Criss Angel trying to show him some magic mind game. Criss Angel will ask him to close his eyes and think of his first name. When he gets to the second letter, Criss Angel will ask him to stop, and he'll tell him the alphabet he's thinking currently. Criss Angel will get it correct, because we had submitted our target's name right from the start. After that, he will read out the numbers of your friend's handphone number. When my friend tricked me, i was also shocked and was thinking: "wow. this is the best magician i've ever came across!"
I was so shocked that i decided to try again. When i refreshed it, it turned me to this page. The words scared me out of my life. Haha. Apparently, each link can only be viewed one time.

You can try this trick on your friends too!

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