Thursday, July 19, 2007

My greatest wish is to be able to travel and go holidaying around the world, before i get married. I shall go with someone lovable or a bunch of friends, because im so afraid of getting lost alone. I like being dependant on other people. Hee.

Although i daydream alot about this wish, i've never harboured high hopes about it.. There isn't much possibility that it will come true, since my mum will never let me go overseas without them. Well, unless im going with my husband, but by then it doesnt serve it's purpose because i want to do this before i get married. Another reason why it isn't very possible is because... where can i find a job i love that can let me work 2 weeks and earn enough to go holidaying for the next two weeks? Highly impossible.

Nevermind, i shall carry on daydreaming about it.

Heh. i ripped 2 things from my older archives to show you. I posted this last year, but i guess most of you only started reading my blog since this year, so no harm posting it up again!

move your cursor from left to right on the picture, and the picture will change as you move. ( you have to click the picture before it can work)

(click here for larger view- original size)
very special right?!!
I have different feelings while looking at the different time of the photo. When it flash at morning, i feel rather sleepy and super sian. late afternoon towards evening, i feel stress (i dont know why), and i love the night scenery the most.

haha. also, look at this hilarious video.
(some violence in the cartoon)

i laughed at the part when he looked at the fat woman and decided that he doesn't want her. haha. choosy little stick man

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