Sunday, July 8, 2007

Song name: Tao Tai.
Singer: Eason

I like my hair colour under sunlight :)

Daddy bought many dvds back home recently, and one of them is "Poseidon!"

The story started by a New Year countdown celebration on a grand ship. Suddenly, a big wave of sea toppled the ship upside down. The passengers were told to stay in place and wait for rescue, but afew people doesnt believe they'll survive if they wait and do nothing. They gathered together and try to make their way out of the ship. The whole show was thrilling, and at the same time, meaningful. I think it's a great show. Out of 5, i would rate it 4.5

One of the scenes made me angry though. The group of people didn't know how to get to a particular room, and they sought the help of a waiter who walked past. One of the men promised the waiter 3x of his salary, so the waiter lead them the way. The waiter was helpful in times of need. Then, they had to cross from one end of the lift door to another. They used a long bench as a bridge to cross over. After they crossed over to the other side, they have to climb up to the opening with the help of another person. The waiter helped to hold the bench stable so that the others can cross safely. He was the last to cross over, and although he could climb up first, he asked the old man (who helped the others to climb up) to go up first, and he would go last. However, while the old man was climbing up, the "bridge" fell, and so the waiter grabbed the old man's legs in order not to drop down the scary hole. In the end, the others encouraged the old man to shake off that waiter, because to pull both of them up, it'll be too heavy. And so, the waiter fell through the hole onto the ground that has alot of sharp things piercing through his body.

See? Good heart dont have good ending. I was so angry at the others who asked the old man to shake the waiter off. Grrr.

Well, another movie i watched was Royston Tan's "15". It is a singapore film about local young gangsters. Hee. I watched it on youtube part by part. Search "Gangster 15" and watch it too!

there wasn't any real storyline, and it was more of a documentry. haha. The whole show was quite random, and many vulgarities are spouted. However, the whole show was quite funny, and i kept laughing at some scenes. Dont watch it infront of your parents though. I dont think they will like it because it's quite vulgar and violent. At one part, there was a fight and there's gross blood everywhere. At another part, a guy slashed his wrist and dug out his meat. YUCK. i couldn't stand the sight of wrist-slashing, and fast forwarded that part. I cannot tolerate it if my friends slash their wrists. I'll scold them. I would very much rather scratch, beat, bite myself than use a penknife to cut. I think i have a phobia with knives that are not used to cut food.

If i see the vcd selling outside, i will buy. Nice nice show! (:

Durian. My family had durian for supper that day. Haha. I only eat durians at home, because im afraid to smell bad in public. One way to get rid of the smell from your hands and mouth is to use one of the seeds to wash. Next time when you eat durians, leave one of the seed and use it to wash your hands after eating. The smell on your hands will go away. Unbelievable right? My grandma taught me and it worked!

And some recent photos! I think my fringe is too long already. I'm gonna find some time to cut it soon.

* all i ask for is a little more.

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