Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sorry people. I dont think im able to blog about the camp by today because i was too sleepy yesterday to finish sorting out the photos.


showed me this interesting video. (he wanted me to put his name at least as big as font 48) You have to understand chinese and hokkien in order to know what that guy in the video is talking about. hehs. The rap doesn't sound nice if you just listen to it. Read the subtitles too!
[ note: vulgarities inside ]

I visited benjamin's blog yesterday and I seriously dont know why he blogged about mrt stations all of a sudden. BUT! i found something interesting! The map below is how our mrt tracks will look like by 2030. Wooooh. By that time i would be 40 years old already!! I think i'll get lost in such a complicated mrt system :(

(click here for bigger version)

Me and my class are planning to nominate Hengyi into the School Hunk and Babe contest!

But need to get his IC number leh. help me think of ways that i can cheat him to give me his IC number! Thanks :)

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