Saturday, July 7, 2007


Topic: WeiWei.

I forgot how i got to know him, but coincidently we realised that we are both in the same school! Haha. My classroom is in block W4, while he's at W3. I have no idea why he calls himself WeiWei when he has a more masculine real name. LOL.

Alright, i was feeling rather bored during lessons last friday, and asked him to switch on his webcam to entertain me. My first words were probably: "Cute~~~~!!!" He looked funny at times, and i couldn't stop laughing at the laptop during class. Teacher probably noticed that, and he kept looking at me. I looked back at teacher, and tried to give a serious face before i accidently bursted into laughters again. Haha. I think teacher thinks that im a lunatic =X

He was at his classroom too! Republic Poly's classrooms all looked the same. Seriously, i wont even realise that im in the wrong classroom if i walked the wrong way! Luckily, there's a label at each door.

One very irresistable thing about him is that he looks SUPER CUTE when he smiles or laughs.

My classmate saw me going gaga over my laptop, and thought i was crazy.
He's feeding me chocolate through the webcam! Yummy.
Okay lah. im not THAT crazy about him. i just have nothing to blog. Everything is either too minor, too lame, too emo, or too personal.

Gah. Seriously, I almost wanted to stop blogging.

Oh ya. I wish happy marriage to the 777 couples who got married today, 07-07-07!

7 used to be my favourite number and i used to love 7up before i started hating gassydrinks. Make a sentence about yourself that includes the number 7, and paste your sentence in my comment box! Just for fun.

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