Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's morning was hectic.

Wearing a nice shimmery purple tube-top and black minipants, i put on my new pretty jacket to cover my arm fats. Together with my nice new pair of shimmery high heels, i walked out of my home happily.

Yea, i happily got in the lift, and happily got out of the lift. Then i saw... the sun. The big sun. I grumbled silently as the first few drops of sweat form in my forehead. WHY DOES THE WEATHER ALWAYS TURN WARM WHEN I CHOOSE TO WEAR JACKET, AND WHY DOES IT TURN COLD WHENEVER I CHOOSE TO WEAR sleevesless/minidresses/miniskirts!!

Plugging on my music player, i got on the bus. I reached the bus-stop at tampines where im supposed to take another bus from there to reach my school in woodland. Then, i realised something was wrong.

I forgot to bring my laptop!

I was too lazy to wait for the bus, and so i flagged a taxi to take my back home. I seldom have the habit to put on safety belts when im travelling short distances, but the uncle reminded me to put it on. aaahh. so embarrassed. The short trip from tampines to pasir ris costed $9, because it was peak hour. $9 leh~!! I can eat exactly two macdonalds student meal leh! (after gst hike, the $4 meal has became $4.50 )

Took my laptop and flagged another cab to Fiona's home. Pasir Ris to Pasir Ris, $7++. Aaaaaaahh. All my money flying away. Met up with Fiona and took the bus together. When we got up the bus, it was already 9am which was supposed to be our school start time! Hahaha.

At 9.25, Choongming messaged me asking me to help him tell our teacher that he'll be late for another 20 minutes. I told him im still in bus, so i said i'll call Dinglong and ask him to inform the teacher for us. Called up Dinglong, and guess what? He was late too! He also havent reach school. Haha. Almost everyone was late for class today. I was the latest of course. I reached at around 10am ++, which is breaktime. LOL. reach school first thing is eat~!!

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