Saturday, July 14, 2007

Here's the short story that me and my teammates filmed in school, for our class presentation. It is supposed to show how some bosses treat different workers differently.

The story summary:
Esther, Lynn and Elvin worked in a company which is owned by Dinglong the boss. Dinglong is bias against Elvin because he's a male and he is not interested in males. He treats female better, although he dotes on Esther alot, because Esther flirts him constantly. Lynn and Elvin are angry at the unfair treatment.

The whole storyline was quite rushed, as we didn't have enough time. Haha. Nevertheless, we still had loads of fun acting.

I had difficulty acting that character, because i had to flirt dinglong. Haha. It's a weird feeling to flirt him because he's the kind of friend that i tell everything to, and i know i'll never flirt him in real life! LOL.

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