Thursday, July 12, 2007

I slept earlier than usual last night but i am more sleepy than usual today. Yawns.

I always buy the Clorets Mini-mints because i eat them everyday, so my classmates usually say: "Esther... Clorets...." , when they want to eat them. Dinglong and Junfei were the "regular customers". They dont have to say anything one. If they are near, they just have to look at me and show their hand, and i would automatically place clorets on their hands. If they are far, they'll just say "Esther." and look at me, and the next second you would see a packet of Clorets flying across the classroom.

We were talking yesterday about how the clorets are like drugs, because we are so addicted to them. (but nevermind lah, it's sugarfree.) I'm the "drug supplier", and they are all the "drug traffickers." You know in gangster movies, whenever they want to buy guns or anything illegal, they would go to somewhere normal like a hdb flat then whisper a secret code that makes almost no sense like: "the river at pasir ris is flowing towards the sea". Then the person inside the room would say: "report it to the newscaster". Then the person outside will have to respond: " Newscaster Wong says he will telecast tomorrow".

If he is a stranger or outsider, he wouldn't have known what the codes to say and respond. If he responded with the correct codes, it means that he's an insider and it's safe to let him into the room. I told Dinglong and Junfei to tell me the secret codes too if they want my Clorets nextime. LOL. just for fun lahs.

Junfei: The codes we use the barcode at the back lor. haha.
Me: Siao ah. Even myself also cannot memorise the bar code lor.
Dinglong: haha
Me: We use "my father likes to eat sweet" lah!
Dinglong: ...

If you have to create a secret doorcode for your "gang", what sentence would it be??

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  1. finally i found someone is addicted to clorets heheh